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Gaddis Announces Gas Relief Plan

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Gaddis Announces Gas Relief Plan

Today Charlie Gaddis, Republican Candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 7th Congressional District, announced his plan to reduce the pain at the pump.

“Ouch! My heart is breaking. I have heard from so many people they are having a hard time budgeting between groceries increasing 20 percent and the price of gas. We need relief right now. That’s why I am proposing the following immediate steps that can be taken to stop the pain at the pump,” said Gaddis.

Gaddis’s gas relief plan:

· Reopen the Keystone pipelines along with the other pipelines that Biden shutdown.

· Pursue buying more oil from Canada.

· Reverse Biden’s stoppage of oil leases.

· Free some of the oil from reserves

· Suspend the federal gas tax until this crisis is over

· Stop investigating oil companies for price gouging

“The pain we are feeling at the pump is not oil companies price gouging. It is a result of Biden’s horrible decisions on energy and returning us to a country dependent on foreign oil and it is a result of Biden’s bad foreign policy. Biden has forced this upon us. “I warned after the Afghanistan failed withdrawal that he had weakened our country on the international stage. Unfortunately, I was right. Putin has been emboldened and we have a world at potential war and Americans getting clobbered with inflation.”

Background on Charlie Gaddis

Charlie’s story is that of an ordinary Ohioan with exceptional zeal who broke the norm building a better life through education, hard work and experience. Today he is a successful CPA and business owner who provides project management services to large U.S. companies.

Charlie has built a successful career working as a Staff Auditor for Ernst & Young, Controller for Industrial Timber and Land Inc., Director of Finance for Hugo Boss, Finance Director for Honeywell/Novar Controls and President of Beyond Intelligence. Currently, as President of Beyond Intelligence Charlie provides CFO and project management services to large U.S. companies.

Born and raised in Northeast Ohio Charlie’s leadership skills became evident early on when he became an Eagle Scout. After graduating from high school Charlie earned his B.S. at Wittenberg University and an MBA from Baldwin Wallace University. He furthered his education by becoming a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Managerial Accountant. He has been married to his college sweetheart for over 30 years and he, and his wife, have 3 children.

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