• Charlie Gaddis

Covid WAR

Does anyone doubt if “Ike” lost nearly 1 million Americans and the war effort was going poorly that he would have been removed? Of course not, we would have sought a different commander much like Lincoln did during the Civil War. While changing course is difficult and embarrassing it seems far more logical than doubling down on failed policy.

Initially, we thought we could stop the virus. When that did not work, we thought masking and distancing would stop the vir

us. Then the country had a spike and lost thousands of Americans. A vaccine was approved, then another and another. Next, we changed Presidents. Over 75% of the nation gets vaccinated, and nearly 100% of older citizens. The country has another spike. We break all records and lost thousands of Americans.

Then we, the “state”, orders employers to fire unvaccinated citizens, as though we live in an oppressive authoritarian country. We have a shortage of workers, not because of high unemployment but lower labor participation. Next, we fire unvaccinated health care workers. Hospitals have staffing shortages. Unvaccinated soldiers are discharged. And then there is Omicron. Infection records are set. ICUs are filled. And deaths…

Before we lose our nation, perhaps we need a new approach and a new General. We need to shift from vaccinations and beating Americans who don’t comply. But to instead work on immunity and treatment. I support rugged individualism and the personal responsibility that is the American spirit. I support Americans doing everything to stay healthy. If you can take the vaccine, it is a great option, but supporting oppressive government is not American.

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